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  1. Hello, Thanks, any idea when that will happen? Thank you,
  2. Hello, So when i sign in today, i noticed that all of my e-coins were gone. Not quite sure what happen, but my Grand coins are gone as well. So i think it`s something server side. I`d like to remember the admins, that i had 4700 e-coins and i was farming for more so i can buy myself a nice pair of wings, all gone now. My coins were gained over a period of 18 resets, and countless invasions farming. My request now is: please let me have my e-coins, i worked for. Putting effort into something and getting your work wiped out is not nice, and at a management level, something needs to be done. Thanks,
  3. Hello, So i saw that we have E-Global Coins, that can be turned into /ex coins, to use with the smithy, that is awesome. But we also have Grand Coins, whats the purpose of that? i cant seem to find a way to spend them. Can we turn them into /ex coins too? Thanks,